Help Needed!

PO Box 524
Newport, Oregon 97365

Each year, thanks to the generosity and volunteer efforts of our Alumni were are able to generate enough money to send out a newsletter to those without email addresses . However, due to escalating costs, the Newport Alumni Association  board would like to use that funding to maintain our Web Page and the Scholarships.

With this in mind, we are looking to you by appealing to your strong sense of community and proud heritage of NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL. GO CUBS!

The Newport Alumni Association provides the following services for the Alumni of Newport High School.

1. We keep a current database of over 3,600 Newport Alumni addresses. We make this list available to classes when they celebrate special reunions, and conduct Alumni business.

2.We publish newsletters on our website and mail it out to alumni who do not have email addresses and have paid the$10.00 fee.  Those that have email address can get the same as we give off this Website, no hard copies!!!!!

3. We plan, prepare and make all arrangements for an annual All Class Alumni Reunion Banquet, which takes place each year on the third weekend of August in Newport.

The Newport Alumni Association  is a non-profit volunteer organization and is incorporated by the State of Oregon. All donations are tax deductible. Please make your check payable to: Newport Alumni Association,  PO Box 524, Newport, Oregon 97365.