Secretary’s Minutes

Newport Alumni Association Yearly Minutes          August 20, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Toni Braxling

Those in attendance were:  Toni Braxling, Frances Fogarty, Bob Overholser, Marcia Rowley, Dick Bevens, Pat Timme, Ellie LeMaster.

Those absent were: Robert and Joyce Porch and Anna Easley.

NHS Alumni Present were: Lenora (Safely) Gross ’51;Pat (Brown) McCall ’51; Duane Rose ’51; Norma (Simmons) Trout ’48; Jean (Sargeant) Staser ’51; Claudine Shaw ‘6

Correspondence:  None

Minutes of the 2015 meeting were approved as emailed.

Treasury report was approved as emailed.

Committee Reports:

Grants:  Frances is rewriting her grant applications and they will be sent at the appropriate times.

Scholarships:  Toni presented the scholarships at the High School Awards Program. (Listed on the Sponsorship Page)

Newsletter:  Frances found an old Newsletter/President’s letter from 2006, which gave a lot of information about what the Board was doing.  An example of what information to present and in the future.  Linda O’Hara sent us some old Letters that were mailed, which we are going to try replicate for future mailings and emails.  Thank you Linda! (Please everyone keep us informed of your current email address and/or your mailing address)

Banquet:  All set for August 12th

Breakfast:  Set for at the High School August 13th,as it stands now.

Due to the fact that we had NO-ONE sign up for the Banquet it as cancelled, this meeting was held at the American Legion.  We are open to suggestions as to what YOU would like to see us do as we really go to a lot of preparation so YOU may have a good time.  Also the Banquet is our only Fundraiser to support the Scholarships.  You COULD just send Money for the Scholarships and then we wouldn’t have to have the Banquet/Auction!  You do know—we make NO money off the food served.

Web Site:  Vickie Bevens is helping me with the Website, pictures (you could send some) again (She’s smart) anyhow more interesting–send some suggestions for that as well!

Old Business:  A motion was made, seconded and passed to order fleece jackets with the new logo on the back to be sold at the Banquet/auction.  We decided on a blue fabric with white logo and will order 24 jackets of various sizes plus additional for Board members.

Other business:  Dick suggested that we honor Merlin Utterback at the Banquet.  We decided to get a picture and some flowers to set on a table.

Meeting was adjourned.       Next meeting will be November 9th, 2016-4PM at the American Legion.  All Newport High Alumni are invited—the

Board is also looking for new members!

Submitted by Pat Timme










































Newport Alumni Association Meeting Minutes      May 22, 2016

Meeting was called to order by President Toni Braxling.

Those attending were: Toni Braxling, Frances Fogarty, Ellie LeMaster, Bob Overholser, Marcia /Rowley and Anna Easley.

Correspondence:  The Mill Casino will not be Donating an in-kind donation for our Auctions this year.

The minutes for the month of April were approved as emailed.

The Treasury report was approved as emailed.

Committee reports:

Grants:  Frances reported that she is applying for 2 Grants.  One is Three Rivers in Florence, the other Desert Diamond in Tucson Arizona.  The Board agree that Frances should apply for a $5,000 Grant at each of these Casinos.

Scholarships:  Toni will present the Scholarships at the High School Awards Program.

Newsletter:  No one has reported any news and no one has signed up for the Banquet or reported any active reunions.

Banquet:  We are in need of helpers!

Breakfast:  Dick talked to Jon Zagel and Breakfast is set for the High School on Sunday August 21st at a cost of $10.00 per person.

Auction:  Frances reported her list of Donors are giving checks instead of items.

Web Site:  Frances has worked with Pioneer Printing to learn to work our new Website.  She is having problems but has resolved some of them.  She has spent $20.00 of her allotted $120.00 for this service.  So Far!

Old Business:  The cost of printing for the jackets we wish to order with our NEW logo is $15.00 per color.  We looked at some colors but did not make a decision to order at this time.

Other Business:  None

Meeting was adjourned.    Our next meeting will be July 10,2016, 4 PM at the American Legion spare room to the left.

Submitted by Pat Timme, Board Secretary    June minutes not available at this time.